Awkwardly Awesome

Do you blogstalk? I do. Glad I got THAT out. Phew!

Weeeellll...if you don't, you should, and if you do, then you best make sure that you add The Daybook http://www.thedaybookblog.com to your list because Sydney is the cutest thing ever, has good style, and a good sense of humor. I love her Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts...they make me laugh and feel more normal (or atleast not alone). Today's post made me laugh and snort. So, I decided to join the fun for today and post some of the awkward/awesome things of my life.


  • Lady Gaga's performance on American Idol Finale. I don't expect much different from her, but on AI? Really? THAT???? Don't bother watching if you missed it.

  • Having conversations with my 4 yr. old son about his anatomy...I'm not ready for this people...and let's just say it wouldn't help to defer to dad. love ya hun, but you're not good with some things

  • opening my purse in public and finding a pair of my undies inside (they were clean though) and trying to conceal that while I searched for a pen with people standing close by waiting for me to find that pen.

  • The gastric problems that resulted from the fajitas I made for me and hubby the other night. It wasn't safe around here the next day or two afterwards. sorry.

  • This


  • The guys' poses in "Men in belted sweaters" ^ (see above photo guys...that's some seriously awesome stuff...I may have to borrow some of those) So Rico Suave eh?

  • My daughter snuggling with me on the couch while I watched the Oprah Finale...she's nearly two, so staying still doesn't happen much for her.

  • Hubby getting me a massage.....ahhhhhhhhhh (hence the undies in the purse, I hate going completely au naturale at those so I take a pair of clean panties to protect. Didn't your mom always tell you to wear clean undies anyway? Ok, moving on....

  • Oprah's message from her finale show. I don't watch her much, but I loved what she had to say about taking ownership for your life and fulfilling your calling, whatever it may be....good advice, and I teared a little too, good tears though.

  • Being a mom...everyday is an adventure, but those little hugs and kisses melt my heart!
    Hope you have an awesome, not so much awkward, day!


Meredith said...

hahah! isn't talking to your kid just the best? my little man just learned the word "boobs" so classy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Omg, you had me laughing all through the awkward and the awesome! Loved it!

A plus,
Driftwood and Daydreams

Morgan said...

Hahaha! love this!

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brandilyn said...

this is so cute! and i do the same thing if i get a massage--but how funny!! i'm sure no one saw them :)

Antoinette said...

Hahaha I totally blog stalk too but thats what blogs are for!!

Newlymeds said...

Love this! so funny!

Monica and Whitney said...

I totally blog stalk. Creepy? Probably. Loving your blog!

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Michelle's Style File said...

Love the daybook : )