Slightly more than half of everything I am is thanks to you Mom!

Thanks to Pinterest...I found an educational, and kind-of funny, Mother's Day message. Enjoy!
Happy Mother's Day (click on the picture below and it'll take you to the video, wherein you will giggle a little while watching it or we probably can't be friends)
Source: youtube.com via Lavonne on Pinterest


A camping we did go

Roasting our hotdogs, a camping must!

Boats for rent, we had #4, it was good to us.

Hunbuns being the captain

Grandma and A man exploring the shore

My 4-yr. old took this, he's getting pretty good with the camera

Me and my tie-dyed tennies relaxing on the #4, and yes, I did catch the only fish...booyah!

This summer we've been able to use a friend's camping trailer a few times and go camping. I have always been an advocate to "real" camping, but I must admit that it's soooo much easier than pulling out the tent my friends. It's been such a fun summer...and as we come to the end of summer, I'm gonna miss this part. Luckily I have fall crafts to cheer me up.

Have a great day!


Warning: I'm getting kinda deep here people....

A friend had this video posted on her facebook page and I loved the message behind it and the video that goes along with it by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I felt it went along with my post the other day having to do with the Change4Change cause I've decided to help out with. How many times do we think to do something nice, no matter how simple, for someone else out of the kindness of our hearts without expecting any payback. But somehow the payback comes around it seems, whether in another kind act being given back to us, or a lift in our mood, or good karma, or whatever you like to call it. Helping others always pays us back more than what we give I believe. It helps us to realize more clearly our blessings and gives us a sense that we belong to something greater than ourselves....I like to think it's God's family and we are reminded of that every time we reach out, get off our duffs, and do something kind. So, my challenge to you is to do something nice for someone else today....when you read this post, chose to do something nice. It'll make a great difference in your day I promise!

Have a great weekend!


Change4Change... you know you want to

Ok, I know I don't have any followers. I've purposely not mentioned this blog to family/friends because I didn't want sympathy followers. I have a personal family blog for that :) But I do want y'all to jump on board for something bigger and better than me that I've decided to help out with.

Ever hear of The Shine Project? If you haven't, you should. Well, somehow I discoverd Ashley's blog, got hooked by her cause and adorable style, and decided I could help. So....I'm doing her Change 4 Change challenge to raise $100 by Oct. for a scholarship fund.

Watch http://youtu.be/_xo0_h8dRmA

I betcha, you'll be inspired by Ashley too!

You can donate to Ashley's cause via her blog, or if you wanna help a girl out (meaning me) you can contact me about donating to my change jar...which will go to Ashley anyway...so either way. tomato ~ tomatoe right?

Just do it...pledge a little mulah, it will make your day great and someone else's too!

Have a generously good day