Awkwardly Awesome

Do you blogstalk? I do. Glad I got THAT out. Phew!

Weeeellll...if you don't, you should, and if you do, then you best make sure that you add The Daybook http://www.thedaybookblog.com to your list because Sydney is the cutest thing ever, has good style, and a good sense of humor. I love her Awkward and Awesome Thursday posts...they make me laugh and feel more normal (or atleast not alone). Today's post made me laugh and snort. So, I decided to join the fun for today and post some of the awkward/awesome things of my life.


  • Lady Gaga's performance on American Idol Finale. I don't expect much different from her, but on AI? Really? THAT???? Don't bother watching if you missed it.

  • Having conversations with my 4 yr. old son about his anatomy...I'm not ready for this people...and let's just say it wouldn't help to defer to dad. love ya hun, but you're not good with some things

  • opening my purse in public and finding a pair of my undies inside (they were clean though) and trying to conceal that while I searched for a pen with people standing close by waiting for me to find that pen.

  • The gastric problems that resulted from the fajitas I made for me and hubby the other night. It wasn't safe around here the next day or two afterwards. sorry.

  • This


  • The guys' poses in "Men in belted sweaters" ^ (see above photo guys...that's some seriously awesome stuff...I may have to borrow some of those) So Rico Suave eh?

  • My daughter snuggling with me on the couch while I watched the Oprah Finale...she's nearly two, so staying still doesn't happen much for her.

  • Hubby getting me a massage.....ahhhhhhhhhh (hence the undies in the purse, I hate going completely au naturale at those so I take a pair of clean panties to protect. Didn't your mom always tell you to wear clean undies anyway? Ok, moving on....

  • Oprah's message from her finale show. I don't watch her much, but I loved what she had to say about taking ownership for your life and fulfilling your calling, whatever it may be....good advice, and I teared a little too, good tears though.

  • Being a mom...everyday is an adventure, but those little hugs and kisses melt my heart!
    Hope you have an awesome, not so much awkward, day!


On a hot day...

Try some of these

FROZEN, of course. Now, I know that Otter Pops and such are usually the frozen treat of choice by many a mom, but (don't hate) they don't have any nutrition and I'm on a nutrition/health kick as of late (I hope it lasts a long time). My SIL told me about this one, it's still very kid friendly, but yogurt is much better than sugar/food coloring filled water right? Right. So you get extra mom points for them.

And, of course, there's always the home-made popsicle made with fruit juice option to spice it up a bit.

Looking forward to summer.

Hope your day is great!



Something rare and unexpected happened today.....I put on makeup!

That's right, and for no reason whatsoever. I haven't posted many pics of myself, so you'd never really know it...but I don't ever...EVEH...wear makeup unless it's a super special occasion or I know that an old bf or crush is going to be where I'm going (you know you do it too). But for some reason today, I felt the need to fancy up a bit, not too fancy though cause I'm still in old jeans and a college sweatshirt, but fancy still the same. I think it's the new lip stain I bought as a splurge the other day....had to try this stuff out, and you know...I think I may wear makeup for no reason more often....this stuff is FAB! Anyway, you can't tell from the pics much, but I am wearing makeup, so it's practically a national holiday today (or should be Mr. Pres...*ahem*) so go celebrate, I know it's a party here.

Hope you have an unexpectedly good day today!