A camping we did go

Roasting our hotdogs, a camping must!

Boats for rent, we had #4, it was good to us.

Hunbuns being the captain

Grandma and A man exploring the shore

My 4-yr. old took this, he's getting pretty good with the camera

Me and my tie-dyed tennies relaxing on the #4, and yes, I did catch the only fish...booyah!

This summer we've been able to use a friend's camping trailer a few times and go camping. I have always been an advocate to "real" camping, but I must admit that it's soooo much easier than pulling out the tent my friends. It's been such a fun summer...and as we come to the end of summer, I'm gonna miss this part. Luckily I have fall crafts to cheer me up.

Have a great day!