Change4Change... you know you want to

Ok, I know I don't have any followers. I've purposely not mentioned this blog to family/friends because I didn't want sympathy followers. I have a personal family blog for that :) But I do want y'all to jump on board for something bigger and better than me that I've decided to help out with.

Ever hear of The Shine Project? If you haven't, you should. Well, somehow I discoverd Ashley's blog, got hooked by her cause and adorable style, and decided I could help. So....I'm doing her Change 4 Change challenge to raise $100 by Oct. for a scholarship fund.

Watch http://youtu.be/_xo0_h8dRmA

I betcha, you'll be inspired by Ashley too!

You can donate to Ashley's cause via her blog, or if you wanna help a girl out (meaning me) you can contact me about donating to my change jar...which will go to Ashley anyway...so either way. tomato ~ tomatoe right?

Just do it...pledge a little mulah, it will make your day great and someone else's too!

Have a generously good day


Julie said...

That's so awesome that you did a change jar! I've been thinking about doing one also....it's such an amazing thing that Ashley is doing!

Sharde said...

its so inspiring i know! I love the shine project! :)

sharde @ the style projects